[Java] [Android] Check the actual device without moving hands with automatic scrolling

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When using a function with infinite scrolling such as a list, the burden on the actual machine is monitored with Android Studio’s Memory Profiler ~ ~ Poking the corner of the heavy box ~ ~ I am checking the quality, but I move it by hand I’m tired.

So I tried automating infinite scrolling.


I used it because I implemented the sample code of RecyclerView easily. https://github.com/yamachita0109/RecyclerView

I actually tried automatic scrolling

You can paste the following command on the command line. If you want to specify more detailed values, refer to Official Document.

$ while [true ]; do
adb shell input swipe 521 1540 492 432




・I would like to implement RecyclerView in scratch for the first time, so I would like to implement it more beautifully so that it can withstand the actual service.

・Everything is discovered with the adb command. It seems that you can memorize the actual operation and script it. Let’s give it a try.

・Please let me know if you have more convenient adb command usage! !!