Android Development App_Preparation

Theme decision

With the following ideas, select the "Online drinking party end time management" app.

--Online gesture game × I thought it would be fun if I could play the popular Jessche game online in the "VS Arashi" program. Since the existing application was done using one smartphone, I thought about how to download the application to each smartphone at hand, but if there is an iPhone person, it is necessary to develop that application, so I gave up ――Determining the best golf course when multiple people go to golf △ Inspired by the problem of golf as a hobby. It would be great if there was an app that could determine the optimal golf course where everyone would travel as short as possible when going to golf with multiple people. However, I haven't been to golf recently, so I gave up because I wasn't motivated. --Management of end time of online drinking party 〇 Due to the influence of Corona, online drinking parties are increasing, and everyone is feeling a problem. In the existing application, there was an online meeting with this function, but it seems that there is nothing + α to the existing online meeting, so I would like to create it with that approach.

Function identification

I want to have at least the following functions.

--+ α for existing online meetings --Line group call --Drinking party time setting --Post the last order message 30 minutes before the end --Post a message with the account of the app installer or use the LINE robot? ?? --Forcibly terminate when the end time is reached (only message if impossible) --End line group call

Technical research

A technical survey of functions was conducted from the following. LINE SDK v5.4.1 for Android

--Access line group calls from the app --It seems that you can log in with the API of LineLoginApi. --Drinking party time setting --There is no problem in setting from the user on the application. --Post the last order message 30 minutes before the end --It seems that it can be realized with the API of sendMessageToMultipleUsers --Post a message with the account of the app installer or use the LINE robot? ?? End the line group call when the end time is reached (message only if impossible) --It seems that it can be realized with the API of sendMessageToMultipleUsers. I will implement it for the time being, and then try to see if the group can end.

Future plans

The UI will be a simple route for the time being, and the prototype will be implemented.

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