[Java] Android development app_preparation

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Theme decision

Bring up the following ideas and select the “End time management for online drinking party” app.

  • Online gesture game × I thought it would be fun if I could make a popular Jessie game online in the “VS Arashi” program. Since the existing application was done using one smartphone, I thought about downloading each application to the smartphone at hand, but if there is an iPhone person, I also need to develop that application, so I gave up
  • Optimal golf course decision when golfing with multiple people △ I devised it from the problem that I always get lost in my hobby golf. I would appreciate it if there were an app that could determine the optimal golf course that would make everyone’s travel distance as short as possible when going to golf with multiple people. However, since I haven’t been to golf recently, I didn’t feel motivated and gave up.
  • Online drinking party end time management 〇 The problem that everyone feels so much that online drinking parties are increasing due to the influence of corona. With existing apps, there were online conferences with this function, but it seems that there is no +α to existing online conferences, so I would like to create with that approach.

Function washout

I want to have at least the following functions.

  • +α for existing online meetings -line group call
  • Drinking party time setting
  • Post last order message 30 minutes before the end -Post message with account of app installer or use LINE robot? ?
  • Force to end at the end time (only message if impossible) -End group call on line

Technical research

A technical survey of functions was conducted from the following. LINE SDK v5.4.1 for Android

  • Access line group calls from the app -You can log in using LineLoginApi’s API.
  • Drinking party time setting -There is no particular problem with the settings made by the user on the app.
  • Post last order message 30 minutes before the end -Can be realized with sendMessageToMultipleUsers API
  • Post message with account of app installer or use LINE robot? ? End the line group call when the end time arrives (only message if not possible) -It can be achieved with the sendMessageToMultipleUsers API. For the time being, implement it with this, and then try to finish the group.

Future plans

The UI will be a simple route for the moment, and we will implement a prototype