[Java] Application creation Comment function asynchronous

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Asynchronous description

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It can be used to submit form data. It can also be used independently of forms to carry keyed data. Since there is a comment form this time, we will use it to get the information of that form.

attr method

Returns the value of the specified attribute of the element. If the element does not have the specified attribute, the function returns undefined.

processData option

It is set to true by default, and has the role of converting the object specified in data into a query string (eg msg.txt?b1=%E3%81%8B&b2=%E3%81%8D ). The query string is the data that a web browser sends to the web server written at the end of the URL in a specific format.

contentType option

A header that tells the server the file format of the data. This defaults to returning the content type as XML with “text/xml”.

Since both values can be sent in an appropriate state when the ajax request is FormData, setting it to false prevents the settings from being overwritten.

Screenshot 2020-07-20 21.59.49.png

After this, I want to add the incremental search function.