AWS ☆☆☆☆ The Road to Deployment 4-Final Chapter (Short Version, All 4 Times)

1) Background </ font>

This is the final chapter of the 4th time. I have deployed my portfolio. The final task is to link the domains. Since there are so many AWS-related procedure articles, here I will describe the procedure very briefly, including a memorandum.

2) Environment </ font>

item Contents
OS.Amazon Linux AMI release 2018.03
Ruby v2.5.1
Ruby On Rails v5.2.4.3
MySQL v5.6
Unicorn v5.4.1

3) Contents </ font>

** I think it will take about 65 minutes with the following settings. (30 minutes if you know the setup) ** </ font>

  • Except for [Local Machine] designation, all work will be done on AWS.

(1) Obtain a domain from your name dot com (20 minutes)

Contract a domain from the same site. I will omit this here.

(2) Installation and setting of Nginx (20 minutes)

--Introduce Nginx (web server) using yum package --Set the Nginx config file --Granting Nginx package permissions (/ var / lib / nginx) --Change Unicorn configuration file (set to process via Nginx)

(3) AWS-Route 53 settings (10 minutes)

--Create a new host zone --Register the same Elastic IP in a new recordset

(4) Name dot com setting (15 minutes)

--Register a newly assigned NS record in AWS as a name server name --DNS settings (Elaspic IP and domain are linked)

(2) Nginx setting 2 (10 minutes)

--Set the registered domain name in the same configuration file.

That's it. If you access the specified domain, you can refer to the rails application running Unicorn via NGINX. To be honest, it's easy. I wrote it briefly so as not to write it as difficult as possible. that's all.