[Ruby] CRUD and resources method ~3 relationship that is not secret ~

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1. Conclusion

2.What are CRUD and resources methods?

3.Why CRUD and resources methods are needed

4. What I learned from here

5. Aside.

  1. Conclusion

⭐️ Main features of 4 concepts (7 actions) required for web application⭐️

Create = new+create Read = index+show Updateedit+update Deletedestroy

  1. What are CRUD and resources methods

● What is CRUD? Create: Registration function Reading: Reference function Update: Change function Delete: Delete function Is an acronym for processing!
● Resources method is a method to realize “CRUD”, new: Create new create: Save index: List display show: Show details edit: Edit update: Update destroy: Delete It’s a set of 7 traditional Ruby on Rails actions!

  1. Why CRUD and resources methods are needed

From the conclusion, The essential concepts and actions for creating web applications!

CRUD is four concepts (rules), The resources method is an action for CRUD. This action is always included on Amazon, Rakuten, and Twitter!

Rather not in and generally we are using Web application function cannot be achieved!

Since there are all actions corresponding to each concept of CRUD, 3 secret, not 7 secret

  1. What I learned from here

    i) By further subdividing the four concepts of CRUD into seven actions I was able to understand one concept with more detailed actions!

ii) There is a basic idea to create a Web application, It will be based on CRUD in the part of making the mechanism I got to know the framework!

5. Aside.

So besides Rails’s 7 native methods, How to add action to route.rb is Look forward to the next “collection,member method”!