[JAVA] [Words spelled to me when I was in the first grade ⑦] What I want you to include at least with the Visual Studio Code extension

・ Now, the 7th article of the article that you can just write a letter about what you are using as a matter of course. ・ Even in my finite daily life, I am reluctant to stop the unrealistic and inefficient time jumping play called "Orange pretend". ・ I also discovered a new wasteful play called Muddy Smell Survey, and my life where my direction is getting lost is covered with jealousy in the past. right. ・ Good. This time, let's write what I should have known after joining the company.

About Visual Studio Code Extensions

――The following extensions have been added for use in learning, development, document creation, etc. at the beginning of joining the company. --Auto-Open Markdown Preview ・ ・ ・ Markdown auto preview function --Markdown PDF ・ ・ ・ Markdown to PDF conversion function --Java Extension Pack ・ ・ ・ Java construction function

・ While referring to this article, investigate essential functions and convenient functions according to the environment and organize them for yourself. -Also, check the new release information and try and add it one by one.

-** Promotion function ***

- Add as needed not only to improve efficiency but also to improve comprehension </ font> - Make your environment more convenient and have a wonderful life </ font>


――This time, as it is a Visual Studio Code extension, I will write an article while remembering the time when I was not using the masterpiece developed by the noble saints. ――At the time of the addition of the "coding support function by machine learning", we desperately cheered on the wise men with a voice that never reached, with the idea that "in the future, full automation with only fixed input will be realized". work. ――While doing such things, I'm living in a different dimension on a journey to find a comfortable environment again, and I'm sure I'm impressed with measles.


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    → I referred to this article. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

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