From pulling docker-image of rails to launching

Let's reuse the rails environment once created with docker

It is troublesome to create docker and docker-compose once while referring to other people's ones, and then start over when you want to create an application with the same settings. So, I will upload the image I made to docker-hub so that I can easily duplicate it. This time, I will use the image created by rails 6.0.3 and mysql8.0.2. (Reference:

First, check the container ID used on docker-compose, and create an image to push from that container ID to docker-hub. Enter this command in the terminal to retrieve the state of the container. macbook-pro rails_app % docker ps -a
Output result

51334eee76eb        rails_app_web       " bash …"   2 days ago          Up 31 minutes>3000/tcp              rails_app_web_1
40f92b2d8ed5        mysql:8.0.20        "docker-entrypoint.s…"   2 days ago          Up 31 minutes       33060/tcp,>3306/tcp   rails_app_db_1 

Two containers are used, ID = 51334eee76eb Name = rails_app_web, ID = 40f92b2d8ed5, Name = mysql: 8.0.20. By the way, mysql: 8.0.20 is equivalent to tag. To push to docker hub, the image name must include the user name, so create a new image.


 For mysql, enter tag = `8.0.20`.
 If tag is not specified, latest will be set automatically.
 And finally push the image to docker hub.
`docker push Username/ImageName:tag`
 You can push with.
 Now, pull the image from here, create a container, and go to the point where you issue Yay! You ’re on Rails !.
 First, set the working directory and move it.
`mkdir /docker-rails
 cd docker-rails`
 Pull the image.
`docker pull Username/rails_app_web`
`docker pull Username/mysql`
 Create the required files.
` touch { docker-compose.yml, Gemfile, Gemfile.lock,, .env }`
 If you do not delete the build of docker-compose.yml and change the port number, you will get an error saying `port is already taken`, so be careful.
`docker-compose run --rm web rails new . --force --no-deps --database=mysql --skip-turbolinks`
 Create rails-app in the folder and install webpacker again.
`docker-compose run --rm web bin/rails webpacker:install`
 Paste database.yml in the same way to create the database.
`docker-compose run --rm web bin/rails db:create`
 Finally, launch the container in the background and you're done.
`docker-compose up -d`

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