About Java functional interface

What is a functional interface?

An interface that has only one abstract method and can be an assignment destination for passing lambda expressions and method references.

Functional interface conditions

**-Can have only one abstract method -Abstract methods that are public methods of Object class are not included -It is possible to have multiple default methods and static methods **

The definition of the functional interface is written as follows.


public interface Sample {
    public abstract void Hello(String name);

Annotating ** @ FunctionalInterface ** makes it clear that it is a functional interface, which allows you to issue a compile error if the interface does not meet the requirements of a functional interface.


The java.util.function package provides several types of functional interfaces. It can be roughly divided into 4 types according to the argument to be received and the pattern of the result to be returned. The basic functional interface is as follows:

type Abstract method What you can do
Supplier T get() Returns a T-type return value with no arguments
Consumer void accept(T t) Returns processing (no value is returned).
Function<T, R> R apply(T t) Takes T as an argument and returns R as a result
Predicate boolean test(T t) Takes a T-type argument and returns a boolean value as a result

In addition, there are other types such as an interface when there are two arguments, so use them properly according to the purpose.

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