Challenge to deal with garbled characters with Java AudioSystem.getMixerInfo ()

Garbled characters occur in Java AudioSystem.getMixerInfo ()

It seems to be a Java bug, so I can't completely deal with it, but I tried to display it for the time being.

Bug information ... Not addressed?

Since it was not acquired normally due to the influence of the bug, the first byte "-125" of the 2-byte character code is entered at the end. Forcibly convert to space.

Mixer.Info[] mixerInfo = AudioSystem.getMixerInfo() ;
for (int i = 0; i < mixerInfo.length; i++){
  byte b[] =  mixerInfo[i].getName().getBytes( java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets.ISO_8859_1 );
  if( b[b.length -1 ] == -125 ){ b[b.length -1 ] = 0x20 ; }
  String l = new String( b );
  system.out.println( l );

For the time being, just eliminate the garbled characters! !!

Execution result

?v???C?}?? ? ?X?s?[?J?[ (Realtek High Definition A ?v???C?}?? ?T?E? ?X?e???I ?~?L?T?[ (Realtek Hig Port ?X?s?[?J?[ (Realtek High D Port ?X?e???I ?~?L?T?[ (Rea

Execution result (before space conversion)

primary ? Speaker (Realtek High Definition A Primary Sau? Stereo mixer (Realtek Hig Port Speaker (Realtek High D Port Stereo Mixer (Rea

Execution result (after space conversion)

primary Speaker (Realtek High Definition A Primary Sau Stereo mixer (Realtek Hig Port Speaker (Realtek High D Port Stereo Mixer (Rea

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