[JAVA] Spring retrospective memo


The headings of each chapter are written out when reading back "A thorough introduction to the Spring Framework".

For details, refer to the book below.

CHAPTER 1 What is Spring Framework?

Spring Framework overview and history

CHAPTER 2 Spring Core (DI x AOP) Explanation of core functions of Spring DI(Dependency Injection) Separate the generation of the instants that make up the component and the resolution of dependencies from the source code. Manage instances via DI container. ・ You can control the scope of the instance ・ You can control the life cycle of the instance ・ Common functions can be incorporated -Since the components are loosely coupled, unit testing becomes easier.

Famous DI container frameworks other than Spring Framework ・ CDI (Contexts & Dependency Injection) ・ Google Guice ・ Dagger

AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming) Aspect thinking programming to achieve "Separation Of Cross-Cutting Concerns".

AOP used in Spring project ・ Transaction management ・ Authorization processing ・ Cache processing ・ Asynchronous processing ・ Retry processing

Data binding and type conversion

Property management

About the mechanism to solve the setting value used in the application. Spring Expression Language (SpEL) Spring Expression Language (SpEL) is an Expression Language provided by the Spring Framework.

Resource abstraction

How to access resources

Message management

Message management (multilingual support)

CHAPTER 3 Data Access (Tx, JDBC)

About Spring JDBC, a data access support function provided by Spring. -Data source defined in the application -Data source defined in the application server · Embedded database data source

-CRUD operations using the JdbcTemplate class ・ Transaction management -Handling of data access errors

CHAPTER 4 Spring MVC How to develop a web application using Spring MVC. -Implementation in POJO (Plain Old Object) -Specifying definition information using annotations -Flexible method signature definition -Servlet API abstraction ・ Abstraction of View implementation technology ・ Cooperation with Spring DI container

CHAPTER 5 Web Application Development

Details of the components (Controller, form class, View, etc.) required for web application development. ・ Application settings ・ Implementation of @Controller ・ Request mapping ・ Acquisition of request data ・ Implementation of form class ·Check the input ·Screen transition ・ View resolution ・ Implementation of JSP -Using Spring's tag library for HTML forms -Use of Spring general-purpose tag library ・ Exception handling

CHAPTER 6 RESTful Web Service Development

About the development of RESTful Web services (REST API). · REST API architecture ・ Application settings -Implementation of @RestController -Implementation of resource class ・ Exception handling · REST client implementation

CHAPTER 7 Application of Spring MVC

-Use of HTTP session ·file upload -Implementation of asynchronous request ・ Implementation of common processing · Static resources ·Internationalization

CHAPTER 8 Spring Test How to test against a Spring application.

CHAPTER 9 Spring Security How to take security measures for web applications. ・ Authentication function ・ Authorization function

・ Session management function ・ CSRF countermeasure function ・ Linkage function with browser security measures function

・ How to test Spring Security

CHAPTER 10 Spring Data JPA How to use JPA (Java Persistence API) by using the functions of Spring Data JPA.

CHAPTER 11 Spring + MyBatis How to use Spring + MyBatis. ・ CRUD operation in MyBatis (basic / applied)

CHAPTER 12 Spring + Thymeleaf How to use Thymeleaf for View instead of JSP.

CHAPTER 13 Spring Boot Spring Boot eliminates the need for Java Config bean definitions, log settings, and Servlet settings. In addition, there is no need to deploy to an application server.

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