Reference memo / In-memory LDAP server that can be embedded in Java

I suddenly wanted to experiment with LDAP in Java, but it's a hassle to launch and configure OpenLDAP services one by one. Since it's Java, for example, it would be cool if you could start and initialize an In-Memory embedded LDAP server in the middle of xUnit and connect to it, right?

So, it's a "just googled" memo about an in-memory LDAP server that can be embedded in Java. I haven't moved my hand yet to actually embed it or connect from Java. Homework at a later date.

In conclusion, there are ApacheDS and UnboundID LDAP SDK as OSS Java LDAP products that can be used as of January 2017, but details are unknown due to lack of documentation on how to embed In-Memory when using the latest stable version. .. It's easy to find out if you dig a little deeper, but I'll leave that for homework when it's time to actually touch it at a later date.

OSS Java LDAP product found by Gugu:

Reference from Stack Overflow:

Other reference:

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Reference memo / In-memory LDAP server that can be embedded in Java
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