[Swift] Create UIButton class in code

Create UIButton class

Buttons are of the UIButton class, so you can create buttons on your instance.


Download the background image of the button appropriately. ダウンロード.png

Put the above image in the Assets folder. You are now ready.


import UIKit

class ViewController: UIViewController {

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        //Make a button
        let okButton=UIButton()
        //Area and button position
        okButton.frame=CGRect(x:100,y:100,width: 120,height: 120)
        //background image
        let bkgImage=UIImage(named: "maru.png ")
        okButton.setBackgroundImage(bkgImage, for: .normal)

First, store an instance of UIButton in okButton. Then, determine the position and size of the button with the CGRect type. Load the background image as UIImage type and pass the value to the argument of setBackgroundImage method.

Finally, pass an okButton as an argument to the view.addSubView method. This is the method for displaying a button in view.

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