docker tutorial (memo)

Let's pull docker image from docker hub

Get command docker image pull

Delete docker image rm

Generate / move docker container run

Generation only docker container create

Start only

docker container start

Stop docker container stop

Delete docker container rm

The first point to stumble here is if the image cannot be deleted or the container cannot be deleted. Forcibly delete with -f or version of image container such as OS (name: xx.x) Please check if there is any input omission.

Start the OS as a container (← It's annoying and will become mainstream in the future, right?) docker run -it os name (tag)

docker basic command collection

command Explanation
docker run Start / create a container
docker start Start an existing container
docker stop Stop container
docker kill Kill container
docker ps List containers
docker rm Delete container
docker attach Connect to standard container I / O
docker exec Execute command in a running container
docker pull Download the image from docker hub
docker push Upload to docker hub
docker image List images

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