Use Lambda Layers with Java


I searched for the procedure for using Lambda Layers in Java, but I wrote it down because it was not easy to understand.

Preparation: Java to use

lambda layer side

Export with layer_print.jar

package layer_print;

public class Print {
	public static void print() {
		System.out.println("print from layer!!");
Lambda's Handler class that uses layer

Create jar without layer_print.jar → Upload to lambda function

package lambda_layer_java;


import layer_print.Print;

public class MyLambda implements RequestHandler<Integer, String> {
	public String handleRequest(Integer in, Context context) {
		//lambda layer call
		return "success";


  1. Create java / lib folder locally キャプチャ1.PNG

  2. Put the jar file to be layer in lib キャプチャ2.PNG

  3. Convert java folder to zip キャプチャ3.PNG

  4. Select Layers for lambda in the AWS console. Press Create Layer キャプチャ4.PNG

  5. Enter your name and description. Select java 8 with a compatible runtime. Upload the created zip file and create a layer キャプチャ5.PNG

  6. Go to the lambda function that uses layers, select Layers and press Add Layer キャプチャ6.PNG

  7. Select layer and version to add キャプチャ7.PNG

  8. Save and complete キャプチャ8.PNG

that's all.

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