[RUBY] [rails] gem'payjp' implementation procedure

  1. Install gem'payjp'

2. Create and describe order controller

  def index
    @order = Order.new

  def create
    @order = Order.new(price: order_params[:price])
    #@price to order="1000"Price enters
    if @order.valid?
      #Conditions for saving(Not blank)If you clear, payment and data will be saved
      pay_item#Make a payment
      @order.save#Save the data
      return redirect_to root_path
      render 'index'

  def order_params
    params.permit(:price, :token)#Columns that allow data storage
  def pay_item
    Payjp.api_key = ENV["PAYJP_SECRET_KEY"]  # PAY.JP test private key
      amount: order_params[:price],  #Product price
      card: order_params[:token],    #Card token
      currency:'jpy'                 #Currency type(Japanese yen)

-Token (card information) is not saved in the order table. So for @order, use price: order_params [: price] The price price information entered by the user is substituted.

・ Payment is completed by pay_item Price: 1000 at @ order.save, save price information in table

3 Describe validation information in the model

class Order < ApplicationRecord
validates :price, presence: true

・ What is validation? Conditions for saving data in a table

・ This time, if you send with the price input field empty I try not to save the data.

・ Since token (credit card information) is not saved in the table, validation Do not describe the storage conditions.

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