[JAVA] Introduction (self-introduction)

I think the original usage is to output technical things, Only the first shot is the purpose and self-introduction.

【Purpose】 Temporary staffing In order to convert from SES to an engineer, I went through various ways and changed jobs. (It has a strong WEB color, but touches various fields)

【Self-introduction】 I got a detour in my life and got a job at an IT company by mid-career recruitment without knowing anything. The purpose is to get a job in the hand. However, the place of employment was a temporary staffing company that had nothing to do with technology --- (that? Isn't it different from the recruitment guidelines? ^^;

After a few years of being swept away, he stands up trying to take a sloppy action. This plan is named the Escape Project. It's a little late because I'm halfway through, but I think that there are many people who sympathize with the fact that if you are in a company like the one above, you will feel this kind of madness at about 25 or 6. I want you to think.

I wasted too much time, but I can't say four or five, so I'm starting to change jobs while improving my skills after returning on holidays and in peacetime.

As for what to do in the future, it is broad and shallow due to the cost performance. For the time being, I will make a simple one by myself and try to move it. From my experience so far, I do not say that the qualification is useless, but for example, I felt that the person who was in the actual field or the person who made it is stronger than the person who has JAVA GOLD (even though it is unqualified, a great technician As for the priority, try to make it> Qualification. Of course both are important.

The one made in is output by Qiita. This is also an experience, but human beings forget it unless they are in a state where they can see the output. I think it's unavoidable as a human being, but this makes it faster to remember.

With that kind of feeling, I will proceed steadily while looking at paiza and job change sites. We would appreciate it if you could feel the growth allowance for companies other than the specific dispatched companies!

I wondered how to manage what I've done and what I'm thinking of doing. I will add it briefly below. [What has come so far] VBA (2 years)-Progress management tool, winAPI use, access interlocking and so on. Can be created except for very special things JAVA (1 year in progress) -Detailed design, coding. (However, I don't think it was a good experience for the flame project. I'm still a beginner.

[Made from the escape project] SNS (Dynamic WEB application)-From a certain reference book jsp ⇒ Servlet ⇒ Created to check the operation of DB and operation from server installation, dynamic web project, mariaDB, centOS, apache, tomcat Since I was able to touch vps, I think I was able to achieve the initial purpose of wide and shallow. Then you may be asked to take measures, but please do not mischief ...

Text editor (hta)-I forgot until I put together the article, but by the way, I made it when I first touched html, css and javascript. This may be the reason why I decided to make a web application. Saving the writing as log text and displaying it is a simple thing that works locally ↑ SNS I want to see, I will give it to todo: git

[What I have used] gitlab (1 year)-Used in a certain project. github (several months)-Personal use, I read a book before introducing it, so it was fetched like Wakaba-chan, but I like it because it tastes good, I'm still a beginner. https://github.com/lunalice eclipse (1 year)-Used by a certain project and personally. For individuals, I introduced intellij (Community), but the function restrictions were so tight that it made me feel good with eclipse. If I can change jobs to technology in the future, it's too painful to use eclipse, so I'll buy intellij (Ultimate). When I hear the recommended IDE, I think it's a flow to use something that is easy for me to use, so I think it's a place to put up an antenna. bootstrap, mariaDB, centOS7, apache, tomcat9, vps (a little each)-Used to check the operation of SNS, touch the LAMP environment even a little and add experience points (Kedo without PHP)

[I plan to do it in the future (in order of priority)] Creating simple things from the introduction of play framework (subject: bookmarklet or attendance management) Creating simple things from the introduction of spring (subject: bookmarklet or attendance management) AWS (Now I borrowed vps and made it, so I want to see it using AWS, it looks like a trend) Creating simple things from the introduction of ruby on rails (subject: undecided) Creating a simple one from the introduction of php (wordpress) (subject: undecided) Creating a simple one from the introduction of androidsdk (subject: undecided) Qualification acquisition Modeling with C # (unity) (subject: undecided)

that's all. We would appreciate it if you could comment on the recommended procedure, reference books, languages, and frameworks.

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