Think of a Java update strategy

Currently, I have a system that runs on Java 7. Information on the future Java release cycle and support has been organized in order to consider upgrading the Java version of this system.

Future Java release cycle and support

The following two points are major changes from the past.

(1) Major version upgrades are every 6 months since Java 9
version release
10 March 2018
11 (LTS) September 2018
12 March 2019 (planned)
(2) Oracle's Open JDK support has been available for 6 months since its release.

However, the LTS version every three years is available for a fee of five to eight years of support (this is called the Oracle JDK).

Free Open JDK

Other vendors have announced long-term support for the Open JDK as Oracle has reduced support for the Open JDK. The ones that can be used free of charge are as follows.

JDK Java 8 (LTS)Support deadline Java 11 (LTS)Support deadline
AdoptOpenJDK At least until September 2023 At least until September 2022
Amazon Coretto At least until June 2023 At least until September 2024

Other OpenJDKs that can be used free of charge under certain conditions include RedHat OpenJDK (included in RHEL support) and Zulu OpenJDK. // ([Microsoft Azure users are free]( There is free-java-lts-support-to-azure /)).

Update strategy

First, updating to Java 8 (preferably Java 11) needs to be supported.

After that, it is difficult to follow the 6-month cycle of Oracle OpenJDK in terms of maintenance cost, so try operating with OpenJDK that can be used free of charge, and if there are many troubles, consider paid support. so.


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