Try DPDK20 SDK on CentOS7 ①Install


While I was a little away from DPDK related work, the DPDK SDK was upgraded from 18 to 20. When I installed the latest version 20 at the moment, the situation was quite different from version 20, so a memo of the installation procedure.

Note: When I play with DPDK, I use the root account that is supposed to crash. Please note that the following procedure is also the same.

First, install Meson/Ninja

In 18, it was built with ** make **, but in 20, it was changed to ** Meson/Ninja ** instead of ** make ** or ** cmake **.

# yum install python3-pip
# pip3 install meson ninja --user

Now that meson and ninja are installed in /root/.local/bin/, put the following line in .bash_profile and put it in your PATH.

export PATH=$PATH:/root/.local/bin

Now you can run meson and ninja.

# meson --version

# ninja --version

Download the source of DPDK20 and build/install

If you do not include the LTS (long term support) version, you will have extra trouble, so download the LTS version properly from here.

# cd /home
# wget
# tar xJvf dpdk-20.11.tar.xz
# cd dpdk-20.11

Build/install with Meson/Ninja.

# cd /home/dpdk-20.11
# meson build
# cd build
# ninja
# ninja install

This completes the build and installation. It was horribly easy./use/local/bin and Various SDK files are properly installed in/usr/local/include.

Next time preview

I would like to try various tools such as dpdk-devbind and DPDK20. I don't think it's much different from 18.

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