[RUBY] [Rails] Video does not play with video_tag

Rails video_tag implementation

Use ʻimage_tag when displaying an image in Rails, but use video_tag` when you want to play a video. But why doesn't the video play? By the way, the official Rails documentation is below.

Rails official document [video_tag]

Description that does not play

<% @posts.each do |post| %>
 <%= video_tag(post.movie, size: "500x300", autoplay: true) %>
<% end %>

The data is taken from the movie column of the posts table. If you specify the video size as 500x300 and set ʻautoplay: true`, it should be played automatically, but it will not be played.

Cause and code addition

As you can see from the official Rails documentation, there is an option called muted. The default is muted: folse, which means that audio playback is performed. It seems that Chrome will not autoplay unless both ʻautoplay and mutedare enabled, as it will be a burden to the user if the audio etc. starts to play automatically. The description withmuted` added is as follows.

<% @posts.each do |post| %>
 <%= video_tag(post.movie, size: "500x300", autoplay: true, muted: true) %>
<% end %>

in conclusion

Thank you for reading. I hope it helps someone to play the video.

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