[RUBY] [Rails] Processing after adding a column to the devise table

Description in apprication.controller.rb

Since the controller of devise cannot be tampered with, operate by writing the following in ʻapprication.controller.rb`.


params.require(:Model name).permit(:Keys to allow) #Normal strong parameters

devise_parameter_sanitizer.permit(:devise process name, keys: [:Allowed column name]) # devise_parameter_strong parameters of sanitizer

devise process name

: sign_in (when performing sign-in processing) : sign_up (when performing sign-up processing) : account_update (when processing account information update)

Settings for apprication.controller.rb

if before_action is a devise helper method that executes processing only when the return value is true. For controller processing related to devise, execute the configure_permitted_parameters method.


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_action :configure_permitted_parameters, if: :devise_controller?

  def configure_permitted_parameters
    devise_parameter_sanitizer.permit(:Process name, keys: [:Column name])

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