Static analysis tool that can be used on GitHub [Java version]

For the time being, the current development language is Java, so you can check Java code.


It was in the Code quality genre of the GitHub marketplace. It's great that it's OK just to work with GitHub, but even if I write strange code, it doesn't recognize it properly. I will investigate a little more if I have time.



Also a code review of Makepre. Just like CodeBeat with a nice interface.


It also does a Style Check so you can keep track of your revision history. It's amazing.



Gradle plugin. Since it is Gradle, it can be operated locally, and it can be operated with Travis CI or Circle-CI. It is an advantage that static analysis can be done along with the test, but the output is not good. You have to specify Pull Request No to comment on GitHub.

What kind of operation should I do?


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