Introduction of javaFX in Eclipse (April 2020)


JavaFX is no longer included in javaSE, and it seems that the existing method may not work, so I stumbled on the introduction, so I hope it will be helpful later. Being a beginner, it's easy.



Install e (fx) clipse

1 Open Eclipse and go to "Install New Software" from "Help" at the top of the screen.

2 Select "Add"

3 In the name field


To location


4 Select and install e (fx) clipse.

Download javaFX SDK

1 Open javaFX site

2 Press "DOWNLOAD" to download the "JavaFX Mac OS X SDK" (probably choose Windows for Windows)

Create a project

1 In Eclipse, go to File → New → Project → javaFX Project.

2 Enter an arbitrary project name and click Next twice.

3 Select FXML as shown in the image.

スクリーンショット 2020-04-13 19.27.19.png ### Add the downloaded javafx.

1 Right-click on the project → Build path → Add library.

2 Create a user library.

3 Add the jar in the "lib" folder in the folder you downloaded earlier as an external jar.

4 Right-click the project again → Build path → Configure build path → Add the created user library.


1 Right-click the package → Configure → Create


This should complete the installation. Probably.

Please let me know if you make a mistake.

I omitted the introduction of SceneBuilder because it was done by the existing method.

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