[RUBY] Use of Date class


・ Easy to use complicated concept of date ・ Date and time can be output


-Call the date class from the outside with the require method

require "date"

today method

-Methods often used in the date class ・ Automatically calculates and outputs the "today's" date

require "date"
day = Date.today
#Assign to a variable called day

puts day


_wday method _

-The day of the week can be output as an integer from 1 to 6 in the order of Sunday or Saturday. Sunday = 0 Monday = 1 Tuesday = 2 Wednesday = 3 Thursday = 4 Friday = 5 Saturday = 6

require "date"
day = Date.today.wday

puts day

#Result (for Sunday)


(Example) Sunday and Saturday are "Today is XX day of the week. It's a holiday. " Other days are "Today is XX day. It's work ”

* If you find something wrong or something like this, thank you.

day = Date.today.wday
wday = ["Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"]

if day == 6 or 0
  puts "today#{wday[day]}.. Break time! !!"

  puts "today#{wday[day]}.. It is the job"


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