Interpreter implementation in Java

In turn, 21 articles will implement the interpreter using Java. Initially, we will implement simple four arithmetic operations and gradually add functions. Eventually, it will read the script from the text file and even calculate the Fibonacci number.

1 Implement simple lexical analysis in Java

2 Implement simple parsing in Java

3 Implement a simple interpreter in Java

4 Add println to the interpreter

5 Corresponds to prioritization brackets

Supports 6 unary operations

7 Add a simple function definition and call

8 Corresponds to multiple arguments

9 Corresponds to the return value

Corresponds to 10 if statement

11 Corresponds to comparison operators and logical operators

Corresponds to 12 while statements

Compatible with 13 Scope

Corresponds to 14 function expressions

Corresponds to 15 character strings

Corresponds to 16 method calls

Corresponds to 17 arrays

Corresponds to 18 JSON-like object definitions

Supports 19 object creation

Corresponds to 20 static method calls

21 Read the script from a file and execute it

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