[RAILS] Review about bundler

at first

It came up many times during the study, but since the definition was not properly defined by myself, I created it again with the meaning of review. If you have any mistakes or supplements, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us.

agenda --What is bundler? --What is Gem? --bundle command

What is bundler

--A tool that can manage Gem relationships and ** install ** together the required gems and versions (Gems have multiple dependencies and you need to install all of them, but use bundler If you do, you can download all at once). --Gems installed by bundler are stored in a file called ** Gemfile.lock **.

What is Gem?

--A library or extension in Ruby. I personally use One Tab a lot.

What is a Gemfile?

--The file that contains the gem you want to install. It also contains information (name and version) of the Gem installed by bundler.

bundler usage


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