Regarding the transient modifier and serialization in Java

Note that I encountered the field modifier `` `transient``` for the first time.

private transient long originalTime;

General description

If transient is given, the corresponding field will not be serialized. If you try to serialize a class with the corresponding variable and add this modifier when `` `NotSerilizabaleException``` occurs, the exception will not occur for the time being.

What is serialization?

Besides serialization, it is also called serialization or serialization. Serializing with an object seems to make it possible to stream the information of an object and save it as a file or exchange it via a network. In short, it outputs a Java object as a byte string.

When can't I serialize?

In the first place, it is decided whether or not serialization is possible depending on the object. Attempting to serialize the class itself that has such an object would result in the exception mentioned above.

How to serialize

To serialize a class, implement `` ````. It is good to implement this interface with the proof that it can be serialized.

Personal summary

--Serialization is required when saving Java objects to a file or transmitting them over a network. --You need to implement `Serializable``` to serialize a particular class. --` `NotSerilizabaleException``` may occur when serializing classes. --Use `transient``` to exclude from serialization.

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