How to study Java Silver SE 8

It's the 22nd day of Stylez Advent Calendar 2017. At first, I was thinking of making one with the Angular app, but I didn't have much time at all, and I just did all the official tutorials and now it's stopped. .. ..


We are holding an in-house study session as a new employee education, but it is about time to start studying for the acquisition of Java Silver. Therefore, I would like to write down the study method I received last year, hoping that it will be useful for newcomers.

How to study

I bought a famous black book in the streets, solved the problem and read the commentary. Most of the time, I came home after work, and when I was fine, I felt like studying for an hour or two.

I haven't done the mock exams of Chapters 10 and 11. .. ..

--First lap For the time being, I will do all of Chapters 1-9. It took me more than two weeks because I didn't understand.

--Second lap I will also do all chapters 1-9. Check the problems that are obvious. Do not check questions that you do not understand and those that you answered correctly but cannot say the reason for the correct answer. At this time, I feel awkward because of a problem that I do not understand about 70%. Moreover, it ended around 10 am on the day of the exam.

--Third lap Solve the problem that could not be checked on the second lap. Surprisingly, about 30% of the unchecked items are in a state where the reason for the correct answer can be completely understood. 11:30 am on the day of the exam. Let's go.

―― 4th and 5th laps Two laps of unchecked items. At this time, it takes less than an hour to make one lap. I covered it up and made two laps until I left the house.

Test results

Correct answer rate: 77% (all 77 questions passed 65% or more) Study period: 1 month Study time: about 25 hours Examination date: Around 18:00 pm around July 2016

Ability at that time

1st year in the industry, 6 months program history I did Java for about 3 months in new employee training, but I have never done it in business. The good book "Introduction to Java that you can understand clearly" has been completed, and it feels like you can manage to make a simple Web application. IT qualifications are IT passports only. For the time being, a little chick.


Even if you are a newcomer or have never done Java in business, if you go through all the Java books for beginners and study black books, Java Silver is quite good. I can't accept Java Gold because it seems to be tough if I don't do business. I mean, the Java 9 exam is about to come. .. .. Java is a bit more painful, but ...

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