[Swift] Get the number of steps with CMP edometer

Get your steps with swift!

Of the framework called core motion provided by apple, Use a pedometer that handles the number of steps. Official Document

It's like a memorandum because I stumbled unexpectedly. I'm a beginner in swift so please let me know if I make a mistake: flushed:

stepCount and CMPedometer

It seems that there used to be CM Step Counter. It seems to be deprecated now, so I will use CMPedometer.


--Import CoreMotion ... Before that, add the CoreMotion framework on the screen that appears when you click the project name. framework.png

--Write to Info.plist Add a line where appropriate Key to Privacy --Motion Usage Description, Enter the intended use for Type as String and Value. This is the one who asks if you want to use it when you use it for the first time. Without this, somehow a crash will occur and an error will occur.

Write the code!


let pedometer = CMPedometer()

//Whether CM Peometer is available
if CMPedometer.isStepCountingAvailable() {

    pedometer.startUpdates(from: Date(), withHandler: {(pedometerData, error) in
        if let e = error {
        guard let data = pedometerData else {
        let step = data.numberOfSteps
        DispatchQueue.main.async {
            label.text = "\(step)Ayumu"

//When you want to finish

It seems that a problem will occur unless CMPedometer () is made a member variable. isStepCountingAvailable First check if the CMP recorder is available on your device Returns as a Bool value

startUpdates and startPedometerUpdatesFromDate

When I look it up, I see startPedometerUpdatesFromDate, Said not Xcode: disappointed_relieved:

startUpdates documentation document of startPedometerUpdatesFromDate

I think it's probably the difference between using NSDate and Date as arguments. NSDate seems to be deprecated, so use startUpdates which uses Date.

What about queryPedometerData?

Method to get the number of steps in the past specified period Document for queryPedometerData

startUpdates can get the data from the specified date and time in the past to the present.

About the argument of startUpdates

Since you can get the time at that time when you declare the Date () method This is passed to the first argument as the time to start measuring

Pass CMPedometerHandler as the second argument. I'm writing {(pedometerData, error) in processing}. Document of CMPedometerHandler

DispatchQueue.main.async When displaying the number of steps on the label, it seems that it will be delayed unless asynchronous processing is performed on the main thread, so this is done. (... I still feel that the display is slow: thinking :)

CMPedometerData In addition to the number of steps, you can get various information such as estimated distance traveled, pace of travel, and number of steps climbed stairs with CMPedometer. Data that can be acquired by CM Peometer

I was confused because I could or couldn't use something similar, so I summarized it. There seems to be another one using HealthCare: zipper_mouth:

I used it as a reference

https://faboplatform.github.io/SwiftDocs/4.coremotion/003_coremotion/ https://teratail.com/questions/90251

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