[Ruby] Searching for elements in an array using binary search


I thought that I could deepen my understanding by verbalizing things that seem a little complicated. I would appreciate it if you could point out better expressions and mistakes.

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--What is binary search? --Search process

--Practice --Problem --Answer



What is binary search?

This technique is used to search for data in sorted lists and arrays. We will search by narrowing down the target data to half.

Search process

-** Use ** while ** to search repeatedly until the value ** and ** the data you want to search match **

--Is the data you want to search ** to the right of half? Is it on the left? ** ** -Or ** Doesn't it exist in the array? ** **



Find out if any value exists in the array and what number it exists.


def binary_search(ary, target)

  left = 0                #Array starts at 0th
  right = ary.length - 1  #The end of the array (th)

  while left <= right           #Until you find the value you want
    center = (left + right) / 2 #Get the middle of the array

    if ary[center] == target                              #Once you have the array subscript and the number you want to search for
      return "#{target}Is an array#{center + 1}Exists second"  #Return the result with return

    elsif ary[center] < target #If the number you want to search is more than half to the right
      left = center + 1        #Add 1 to the subscript to search on the right side of the half

    else                       #If the number you want to search is more than half to the left
      right = center - 1       #Subtract 1 from the subscript to search to the left of the half

  return "#{target}Does not exist in the array" #When the while condition is not met and the search is not found

ary = [1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 14, 24, 33, 45, 53]

#Enter the number you want to search in the terminal
p 'Please enter the number you want to search'

#Because it is a number, to_use i
target = gets.to_i

#Binary the sorted array and the number you want to search_Pass it to the search method.
p binary_search(ary, target) 


--Binary search is a method used to search data in sorted lists and arrays. --Narrow down the value while dividing it into two


-I wrote a binary search method in Ruby

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