[RAILS] ruby Uppercase letters

Uppercase lowercase in Ruby

Given a string y of length t consisting of lowercase letters of the half-width alphabet.

Convert the character string y to uppercase and output.

Value to be entered

The input is given in the following format.


Expected output

Output the character string with y converted to uppercase.

Input example 1


Output example 1


My answer


y = gets
puts y.upcase

This time's point

I'm getting the string with gets on the first line

The character string y obtained in the second line is output by upcase method </ font>.

upcase method </ font> is a method to change from lowercase to uppercase. By the way, the opposite is the downcase method </ font>.


y = "AAAAA"
puts y.downcase

Output result


It will be.

There are also swapcase method </ font> that reverses only lowercase letters and uppercase letters, and capitalize method </ font> that converts the first uppercase letter to lowercase letters. There is font>.

that's all!