[Java / Kotlin] Escape (sanitize) HTML5 support with unbescape [Spring Boot]

things to do

Escape processing is performed when replacing the macro string of the HTML template with a parameter.


This article uses ʻunbescape`.

Although the support for HTML5 is not specified, there is also a method using ʻApache Commons Text`.


This library was in spring-boot-starter-thymeleaf, so if you have something related to SpringBoot, you may not need to do anything. For the time being, the repository of Maven is as follows.


I tried escaping with reference to the following article.

-HTML escape processing with JavaScript -Qiita

You can escape with HtmlEscape.escapeHtml5.

Verification code

fun main() {
    val value = """
        &: &
        ': '
        `: `
        ": "
        <: &lt;
        >: &gt;


Execution result

All but backticks have been escaped.

Execution result

&amp;: &amp;amp;
&apos;: &amp;#x27;
`: &amp;#x60;
&quot;: &amp;quot;
&lt;: &amp;lt;
&gt;: &amp;gt;

Other escapeable content

Below is a look at the package. You can escape in various ways.

スクリーンショット 2019-12-10 13.02.45.png

Articles that I used as a reference

-Tech Note-Try sanitizing HTML tags with java

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