How to deploy jQuery on Rails

Introduction of jQuery

Check gem file

In the Gemfile,

gem 'jquery-rails'

If not, fill it out at the bottom of the file yourself and in the terminal

bundle install

To execute.

Change the contents of application.js

//= require jquery
//= require rails-ujs
//= require activestorage
//= require_tree .

Change as above. It seems that the order is important.

Check if it works

Select a view file appropriately and put it in it
<script type="text/javascript">
  $("h1").css("color", "red");

If you write like this, jQuery will work and the characters of the h1 tag will turn red.

Write jQuery in another file

As the code increases, the view file becomes complicated as it is, so create a separate file like test.js. The place to create is under "app/assets/javascripts".

According to the jQuery format

$(function() {
 $("h1").css("color", "green");

Write the code like this.

Delete the written in the view file earlier.

Now, check it again in the browser, and if the characters in the h1 tag are red, jQuery has started successfully.

Reference article This article was very easy to understand.

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