11 items I don't know if it's good to know about JAVA

Consultations on JAVA have been received regularly for about 24 years since 1995. Until around 2001, JAVA programming training was held for about 6 years.

From my experience at the time, the current unclear information is the same as the initial unclear information, and I don't feel much difference.

No pointer required

The most epoch-making thing about JAVA is that it eliminates the most difficult pointer processing in writing in C language. Other than this, I understand that the advantage over C ++ is the result of various subsequent improvements. The advantage over C / C ++ in the initial design is that it can be written like C language, but it can realize the required functions without pointer processing.

Character code support

Some people said that JAVA was internationally compatible from the beginning and that character code support was perfect.

The Japanese expression expresses data in which 1 byte and 2 bytes are mixed by switching the character code. When displaying from left to right on the screen, if you trace backward from the right end, you will not know the character code of the current position.

There are several ways to avoid this situation. I feel that it has been 1-2 years since the character code support of the JAVA system became stable. This just feels like it. To find out how it actually was, try to unravel the past materials.

Changes around the screen

The mechanism for drawing has been revised little by little from the beginning.

Changes such as AWT in 1.1 and Swing in 1.2 have changed rapidly. I understand that the screen changes what kind of structure is suitable due to changes in the design of various tools.

Visual J++ When Microsoft announced Visual J ++, it immediately held a seminar. I think the good thing about Visual J ++ was that it generated source code written in GUI. On the contrary, I decided to stop using it because the generated code was hard to read.

Just when C ++ started with, I bought a preprocessor (CPP called CPP in C Pre Processor) that converts C ++ source code into C code. I stopped using it because Microsoft and Boland released high-speed C ++ and the generated C source code was hard to read.

US opposes international standard vote

If JAVA became an international standard, write once move anywaere should have been possible.

The United States voted against the international standard due to uncertainty about SUN's license, and as a result, JAVA's international standard was rejected. At that time, I was an editor of another international standard. I listened to the news and danced.

With Write Once move anyware, no one opposes international standards. In order to create a situation where it works anywhere, JAVA engineers made a lot of effort to create VMs on various CPUs. If SUN had been open to the public and paid more attention to these efforts, it would have become an overwhelming majority of international standards, even if the United States opposed it.

From the beginning, JAVA's closedness has been consistently hidden.

DB middleware

I'm doing JAVA programming education JAVA came to be used on a certain scale, and the biggest field was the use of DB via the network.

However, DB middleware is becoming more expensive one after another. We withdrew from education because we couldn't buy paid middleware.

It was a pity that the development around DB, though temporary, would not have been a job without the use of expensive tools.

Since then, it has withdrawn from JAVA education. Until then, information acquisition and information dissemination regarding JAVA was reduced to less than half.

Vertical Machine selection

Various Vertical Machines have increased. Some sang smallness and high speed.

The development of JAVA should have been expected only by measuring the rise of Vertial Machine.

I thought that the ideal of JAVA was over when the VM of JAVA was no longer included in the Macintosh.

Introducing C

Did C # sell the place where it can be described more conveniently than JAVA in Windows processing?

Standardization also proceeded smoothly with ECMA and JIS.

It took a long time to deploy to OS other than Windows, and we could not actively enter.

I tried several times to know the progress, such as the introduction of mono, which is a CLI.

Migrating from HAVA to COBOL

The transition from COBOL to JAVA has been overheard several times. It seems that about half have moved to JAVA. I heard that the rest have returned to COBOL.

Therefore, we will consider how to migrate the program written in JAVA to COBOL.

COBOL is originally an object-oriented language, and programs run in English as it is.

Open JDK http://openjdk.java.net

Oracle JDK 8 public update finished


Oracle will end the Java SE 8 update release for commercial use on the public download site at the end of January 2019. If you continue to need a maintained update release for Java SE 8 or earlier, such as bug fixes or security fixes, you can get and use it with the long-term support provided by Oracle Java SE Subscription or Oracle Java SE Desktop Subscription. It will be possible. Check out the Java SE Support Roadmap for more information on long-term support for Oracle JDK 8.

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