[RUBY] [Rails] About migration files

What is a migration file?

A migration file is a file that describes the changes you make to the database.

Basic commands


$rails g model model name

#Migration file creation command
$rails g migration class name

The migration file is created when the model is created. It is also possible to specify the class name and create the migration file alone. It should be easy to understand that the class name is created by "action + table name"! This will create a file called /db/migrate/timestamp_classname.rb. Here are the changes to the schema!

Creating a table


$rails g model model name column name: data type

Specify the content to be described in the migration file when creating the model in "Column name: Data type".

The data types that can be specified are as follows.

Reflect the migration file in the DB


#Executing the migration file
$ rails db:migrate

When this command is executed, the contents of the migration file will be reflected in the DB.

Rollback of migration file


#Roll back the migration file
$ rails db:rollback

Roll back the executed migration file.

Check migration file


#Check the executed migration file
$ rake db:migrate:status

You can check the contents of the migration file executed by this command.

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