[JAVA] Gradle + Kotlin-Generate jar with DSL

I'm using Gradle with Kotlin-DSL, but I couldn't find a way to generate an executable jar, so I'll write it down as a memorandum.


plugins {

dependencies {
    //To jar the dependent libraries'compile'Must be described in

    // Use the Kotlin JDK 8 standard library.

    // Use the Kotlin test library.

    // Use the Kotlin JUnit integration.

application {
    // Define the main class for the application
    mainClassName = "com.example.MainKt"

// 'gradle jar'Define a task so that you can use
val jar by tasks.getting(Jar::class) {
    manifest {
        attributes["Main-Class"] = "com.example.MainKt"

            configurations.compile.get().map {
                if (it.isDirectory) it else zipTree(it)
    exclude("META-INF/*.RSA", "META-INF/*.SF", "META-INF/*.DSA")

I can find a lot of groovy articles ...

[11/4 postscript] Although it deviates from the purpose of this article, I will also write a method to give run-time arguments at the time of ./gradlew run execution.


import kotlin.text.Regex

val run by tasks.getting(JavaExec::class) {
    if (project.hasProperty("args")) {
        args = (project.property("args") as String).split(Regex("\\s+))

At runtime

./gradlew run -Pargs="hoge fuga piyo ..."

Note that the arguments do not complete

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