[JAVA] If you want to use Oracle JDK 11 from September (add Amazon Corretto)

As a premise, Java is still available for free.

However, Oracle JDK 11 will only be distributed with paid binaries.

*** 2019/3/4 postscript ***

Java is Still Free 2.0.0 has been announced. Check out the Binary Distribution Summary chapter.

*** 2018/11/15 postscript ***

I forgot the existence of Father James Gosling @ AWS! !! !!

AWS Launches OpenJDK with Free LTS Not Limited to AWS. Its name is Amazon Corretto.

Here is the JDK for each OS. Amazon Linux 2 Microsoft Windows Mac Docker

For your reference ⇒ "Amazon releases Corretto; Java OpenJDK with free support and multi-platform support"

*** Added on 2018/10/23 ***

Oracle Code One 2018 Keynote Java is still free. javaisstillfree.png

*** 2018/10/10 postscript ***

Java is still available for free as of October 10, 2018. For more information, see Java is still free Created by Java Champions.

Here's a pretty brief explanation of how the Oracle JDK has changed. Until Java 10, Oracle added a few features to the source called OpenJDK to create binaries and distributed them for a fee or for free. From Java 11, we will pass the slightly added functionality to OpenJDK (some of which is Jakarta EE, etc.). However, the way of thinking has changed to the way that binaries are distributed only for a fee [^ 1].

By the way, organizations and companies other than Oracle also provide binaries, so if you use Java SE 11 or later, it will be the same as before. In particular, the free binary recommended by JJUG etc. is AdoptOpenJDK [^ 2]. It has the longest support period and is supported for 4 years.

Other Amazon Linux 2 also released Java8, Java11 2023/6 / It seems to support up to 30.

*** 2018/07/20 postscript ***

New release model and license offer for the JDK

About the new release model and license provided by JDK


● Regular release cycle 6 times a year In addition to the feature release once every 6 months (March and September every year) when new features are added, the update release with vulnerability countermeasures is released 4 times a year (January and April every year). July, October) We will provide it.

● Applying the GPL v2.0 license To facilitate the distribution of the free version, the OpenJDK binary built by Oracle will be distributed as an official binary under the open source license "GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0". However, user-developed applications are exempt from GPL v2.0 by a GNU Classpath Exception.

● Free paid features of Oracle JDK We will publish the functions of Oracle JDK that were provided for a fee in OpenJDK. These features will be available free of charge in the future (all will be available from JDK 11).

● When to end the free update and provide paid support The official OpenJDK binaries built by Oracle will finish updating the old version when the new version is released. Users of the free version can continue to update the JDK for free by migrating to the new version. For users who want to continue updating the JDK with a specific version, we will provide the Oracle JDK binaries for a fee for feature releases specified by LTS every three years from JDK 11.

About Oracle's new licensing system

I will add the information of Nikkei x Tech "New license system of charged Java SE, announced by Oracle in the US".


On June 21, 2018 (US time), the United States Oracle (Oracle) announced the subscription system "Java SE Subscription" of Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition). The price is $ 2.5 per user per month for desktops and $ 25 per CPU per server for servers and clouds. The contract period is from 1 year.

To use Oracle JDK 11

You need to purchase a Java SE paid license and conclude a support contract.

About license purchase / support contract

Please refer to FAQ: "Tell me about Java's paid support services.".

License purchase / support contract price list

Please refer to Price list in Japan.

Java SE product comparison

[Comparison of Java SE Advanced Desktop, Java SE Advanced, Java SE Suite products](http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/jp/java/javaseproducts/overview/java-advanced-getstarted-2249239-ja.html# Please refer to comparison).

About older versions of Oracle JDK 10/9/8/7/6/5 etc.

The version that was provided free of charge during the official update period so far will continue to be available after September 2018. If you wish to obtain the update of the relevant version even after the official update is completed, you need to purchase a Java SE paid license and conclude a support contract.

[^ 1]: From Java 11 there is a free license called OTNLA for Oracle Java SE. See here for details "JDK: New Release Model Description"

[^ 2]: Only Oracle will release the Oracle JDK immediately after the launch of the Open JDK, but for AdoptOpenJDK etc., the binaries will be distributed with a delay of about a week or two because the binaries are verified after the launch. The point is, don't worry if the binary creation is delayed.

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