[JAVA] SPRING BOOT learning record 01


Spring A framework for Java development. Strong against change. The code is highly readable. Highly reusable.

DI Dependency Injection Instance management

AOP Aspect Oriented Programing Summary of common processing


DevTools Automatically restart the WEB application

Lombok Use of Lombok

H2 Test environment DB

JDBC Database access

Thymeleaf HTML template engine

Web Using SpringMVC Spring Boot

MVC model


Controller Request processing to the Model class for the request.

Model Data acquisition and calculation from DB.

Viwe Screen display.


GET method

Used when getting information from the server Information that you do not want others to see is not sent by GET Text data transmission

SpringSampleApplication.java A program that runs Spring.

@Controller Controller class.

GetMapping Handles GET method of HTTP request. Add get to the beginning of the method name. For the return value, specify the html file name without the extension.

html xmlns:th="http://www.thymeleeaf.org" Described to use timeleaf.

Internal processing


th:value You can pass values from the screen to the controller class.

@PostMapping Processing when the POST method is sent.

@RequestParam Allows you to receive input from the screen.

model.addAttribute Register the value received from the screen in Model. Set the key and value. Key: Variable name

Get value from DB


application.properties A file for setting environment-specific settings.



findOne() Access all documents

@Repository Granted to the repository class.

@Autowired Instance creation.

@Data Automatic creation of getter / setter.

domain class

A class to pass to and from the repository class and service class. (DTO)

@Servise Service class.

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