[JAVA] How to develop OpenSPIFe

What is OpenSPIFe?

OpenSPIFe (Open Scheduling and Planning Interface for Exploration) is a scheduling toolkit made by NASA. Software developed based on hundreds of hours of experience.

Environmental prerequisites

SPIFe target definition selection

--From Eclipse Package Explorer, expand the _feature_gov.nasa.arc.spife project and right-click on the SPIFe.target file to bring up the context menu. Then select [Open With] and click the [Target Editor] option. --Next, click the Set As Target Platform link in the upper right corner. This will trigger a complete build of the workspace and fix any errors previously displayed in the [Problems] view.


If you use the NASA repository code as it is due to a broken link on the OSS server, a compile error will occur. Therefore, it is recommended to use Repository modified by Fork by the author.

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