[JAVA] About Hinemos

This time about OSS Hinemos for integrated operation management I have been investigating.

I referred to Hinemos website.

What is Hinemos?

It is software that can perform the following functions with integrated operation management software. ・ Collection and accumulation of logs ・ Visualization / analysis ・ Automation of corresponding flow It is an integrated management software that can be used for such purposes, and it is an OSS that is extremely appreciated by those who manage their own servers.

Hinemos is an OSS developed in Java, The license is the GNU General Public License.

Hinemos strengths for all environments

It supports not only physical environment but also virtualization and cloud. It is multi-platform compatible. Also, because it has multiple functions such as collection, monitoring, and automation. If you go extremely far, you can expect a considerable synergistic effect in cooperation with other OSS.

Hinemos case study

As you can see from the URL below It is used in various industries. Hinemos case study It has been introduced in finance and local governments, and you can see that it is highly evaluated for its reliability.

Where to download Hinemos

・ Hinemos' GitHub https://github.com/hinemos/hinemos

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