Docker + Laravel + Codeception

Record when using Codeception with Laravel

Preparing for Codeception

Install with the command below

composer require codeception/codeception --dev

Create the necessary files for the test with the command below

composer exec codecept bootstrap

selenium server ready

Prepare a selenium server to use for Acception test Add the following 4 lines to docker-compose.yml

        - nginx
        - nginx:localhost

Server startup

docker-compose up -d selenium

Other preparations

Copy env file

cp .env .env.testing


actor: FunctionalTester
        - Laravel5:
            environment_file: .env.testing
        - \Helper\Functional


actor: UnitTester
        - Asserts
        - Laravel5:
            environment_file: .env.testing
        - \Helper\Unit


actor: AcceptanceTester
        - WebDriver:
            url: http://localhost/
            browser: chrome 
            host: selenium
        - \Helper\Acceptance


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