[Swift] [Beginner]] About range operators

Encounter with range operator

I recently had an app I wanted to make and started studying swift, and the teaching materials explained the following about operators.

I've been working for about 4 years and experienced various languages, but honestly I was surprised because I had never used or heard of it. ~~ Just lack of knowledge ~~

How to use the range operator

It seems that swift is used like this ↓


var total = 0
for count in 0...5 {
  total += count

As the name suggests, it is an operator that indicates a range. In this case, 0 to 5 are added and displayed. When I looked it up, swift couldn't write java or objective-c-like for statements from swift3.0, so I'd like to see it unless I write it with for-in. Reference article


You have to be able to use it ... ~~ (← range operator) ~~

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