[Java] How to omit the private constructor in Lombok

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1. What is Lombok?

This is a convenient library that automatically generates boilerplate code (a standard code that cannot be omitted due to language specifications) at compile time. For example, JavaBean getters / setters can be annotated.

2. What you want to do

I want to prevent instantiation with a Utility-like class that has only static methods!

3. Create a private constructor

3-1. General private constructor

Effective Java also has a memory that was described like this.


public class HogeUtils {

  private HogeUtils() {
    // some exception

  // some static method


3-2. Private constructor omitted in Lombok

Just annotate @NoArgsConstructor to the class: angel:


@NoArgsConstructor(access=AccessLevel.PRIVATE) // <-here
public class HogeUtils {

  // some static method


4. What do you mean?

@NoArgsConstructor Annotation to generate the default constructor. [TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) Development Guideline | 11.2. Elimination of Boilerplate Code (Lombok)](http://terasolunaorg.github.io/guideline/5.3.1.RELEASE/en/Appendix/Lombok .html)

As the name suggests, the option ʻaccess = AccessLecel.PRIVATE` sets the access modifier privately. With this annotation, you'll be generating the same code you would normally do.

Lombok Wow, that's it.

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