[Swift] How to play songs from your music library

How to use the music library

If you want to use the music library, you need to allow access to the music library.


Privacy - Media Library Usage Description

To play a song, use MediaPlayer to get the song from your music library and You can play it by dividing it into MPMediaItemCollection.


import MediaPlayer

How to get a list of songs from your music library

In addition to songs, you can also get a list from albums and artists from the music library.


//Get a list of songs
let mPMediaQuery = MPMediaQuery.songs()

//Get a list of albums
let mPMediaQuery = MPMediaQuery.albums()

//Get a list of artists
let mPMediaQuery = MPMediaQuery.artists()

After you get a song, you need to separate it for each song to play.


let mPMediaQuery = MPMediaQuery.songs()
if let collections = mPMediaQuery.collections {
     for collection in collections {

Set the song to play

You can specify and play songs in music with setQueue (with: MPMediaItemCollection).


var player = MPMusicPlayerController.applicationMusicPlayer

//Set a song
player.setQueue(with: MPMediaItemCollection)

//Allow the song to play











You can change the repeat method depending on the setting value.

//User favorite repeat
player.repeatMode = .default

//Do not repeat
player.repeatMode = .none

//Repeat the current song
player.repeatMode = .one

//Repeat current playlist
player.repeatMode = .one


You can change the shuffle method depending on the setting value.

//Do not shuffle
player.shuffleMode = .off

//User favorite shuffle
player.shuffleMode = .default

//Shuffle for each song
player.shuffleMode = .songs

//Shuffle for each album
player.shuffleMode = .albums



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