Rails Tutorial Chapter 14 was completed, and it took a total of 155.5 hours.

2020/9/13 0.5 hours

14.1.1 Completed.

2020/9/14 0.5 hours In the middle.

2020/9/15 0.5 hours

14.1.2 Completed.

2020/9/16 0.5 hours

14.8 On the way.

2020/9/17 0.5 hours

14.1.4 Completed.

2020/9/18 0.5 hours

14.1.5 Completed.

2020/9/19 2.0 hours

14.2.1 Completed and in the middle of Exercise

2020/9/20 2.0 hours

14.2.2 Completed, in the middle of 14.27.

2020/9/21 2.0 hours

14.2.3-4 Completed and in the middle of Exercise

2020/9/22 2.0 hours

14.2.5-14.3.1 Completed.

2020/9/24 0.5 hours

It is in the middle of 14.44. I couldn't do it on 9/23 because I came to work early in the morning. After returning home at night, I'm tired and unmotivated. I felt again that it would be better to do it in the morning.

2020/9/25 0.5 hours

It is in the middle of Exercise I understand the meaning of INNER JOIN, but I've never seen it written in SQL statements. I think it's because the knowledge of the database is the same as before.

2020/9/26 2.0 hours

14.3 Done.

2020/9/27 0.5 hours

Chapter 14 is complete. The journey takes 14.5 hours.

Time required summary

Chapter 1 22.5 hours Chapter 2 3.5 hours Chapter 3 5.5 hours Chapter 4 7.5 hours Chapter 5 7 hours Chapter 6 8 hours Chapter 7 10 hours Chapter 8 6 hours Chapter 9 11.5 hours Chapter 10 13 hours Chapter 11 16.5 hours Chapter 12 11 hours Chapter 13 19 hours Chapter 14 14.5 hours It was a total of 155.5 hours.

Chapter 1 took a lot of time to set up the environment.

from now on

There was an extension issue in 14.4.1, so I would like to try it from now on.

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