Build a Java project with Gradle

What is a Java plug-in?

To build a Java project in Gradle, you need a Java plugin. To apply the plugin, write the following in build.gradle.


apply plugin: 'java'

Java plug-in has four elements, "task", "convention", "property", and "source set". It is a packaged component. By learning about each element, you will understand how to build with Java plugins.

Source set

A source set is a concept that groups ** objects that should be compiled at the same time **. By default for Java plugins

--main: A source set of production code and production resources --test: A source set of test code and test resources

We provide the above two source sets.

The source code has the following features.

--Can be added freely with the build script --Has a unique name --You can specify the set of "Java source" and "resource" to be compiled. --You can specify the path to output the product of the compilation result (class file, etc.) --You can specify compile-time and run-time classpaths --Tasks and properties can be set for each source set


In Gradle, when you add a plugin, the work required for building is added as a task at the same time. The following tasks are also added to the Java plug-in.

task Description
compileJava Compile the production code. The target is java of the source set main.The extension stored in the directory specified by the srcDirs property file.
processResources Copy the production code resources to the classpath. The target is resources of the source set main.The extension stored in the directory specified by the srcDirs property is.Files other than java.
classes Run the compileJava and processResources tasks.
compileTestJava Behaves the same as the compileJava task for the source set test.
processTestResources Behaves the same as the processResources task for the source set test.
testClasses Run the compileTestJava and processTestResources tasks.
jar Generate a JAR file. The default archive target is the output property of the main source set.(Output of compileJava and processResources task)
javadoc Output Javadoc for the main source set.
test test Runs the tests contained in the source set. The default test target is automatically extracted from the output of the testClasses task.
uploadArchives Artif(Build artifacts)Upload the archive of.
clean Delete the build output. By default the build directory is deleted.
clean <TaskName> Specified task<TaskName>Delete only the output of.
assemble Generate appropriate artifacts depending on the project content without running tests. By default, Java plugins are equivalent to jar tasks.
check Verify the project. The Java plugin defaults to the test task.
build Build the project. Run the check and assemble tasks.
buildNeeded Build not only the project to be built, but also the project for which the dependency is set.
buildDependents Build including the projects that depend on the project to be built.

Add source set and add tasks automatically

In Java plugins, when you add a source set The following tasks are automatically added for each source set.


The convention is "In a Java project, place Java files under the src / main / java directory" It is a promise like that. Java plug-ins have the following conventions.

--Production code source file → Place it under the src / main / java directory --Production code resources → Place it under the src / main / resources directory --Test code source file → Place it under the src / test / java directory --Test code resources → Place it under the src / test / resources directory


Properties are set to control the input / output target of tasks and the directory of conventions.

Java Plugin Properties (Common)

Properties provided by the Project object.

Property Description Default
testResultDir XML file output destination of test results build/test-results
testReportDir Test report(HTML)Output destination build/reports/tests
libsDir Library(JAR file)Output destination build/libs
distDir Distribution(Archives other than JAR files)Output destination build/distributions
docsDir Document output destination such as Javadoc build/docs
sourceSets Project source set main, test source set container
sourceCompatibility Java version when compiling Java source JVM version of the build script execution environment
targetCompatibility Java version to target for compile-time class generation value of sourceCompatibility
archivesBaseName Base name of archive files such as JAR project.The value of the name property(The default is the root directory name of the project)
manifest Manifest to include in all JAR files None

Access to properties in build scripts

println project.docsDir
println docsDir

Java Plugin Properties (Provided by Source Set)

Properties provided by the sourceSets property of the Project object.

Property Description Default
name Source set name. Must be unique within the project None
output Source set output output.classDir、output.value of the resourceDir property
output.classDir Source set class file output destination build/classes/<sourceSet>
output.resourcesDir Source set resource output destination build/resources/<sourceSet>
compileClasspath Source set compile-time classpath Configuration compile<SourceSet>Setting value of
runtimeClasspath Source set runtime classpath output property, configuration runtime<sourceSet>Setting value of
java All Java sources in the source set src/<sourceSet>/The extension under java file
java.srcDirs Directory containing Java sources for the source set src/<sourceSet>/java
resources All resources in the source set src/<sourceSet>/The extension under resources is.Non-java files
resources.srcDirs Directory containing resources for the source set src/<sourceSet>/resources
allJava All Java sources in the source set java property settings(Subject to change due to plug-in application)
allSource All Java sources and resources in the source set java, resources property settings(Subject to change due to plug-in application)

Access to properties in build scripts

println project.sourceSets.test.compileClasspath
println sourceSets.test.compileClasspath
println sourceSets['test'].compileClasspath


This article is written with reference to the following books.

Reference book: Thorough introduction to Gradle Building an automation platform with next-generation build tools

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