[JAVA] ◆ Spring Boot + gradle environment construction memo

★ Introduction

I was quite addicted to building the environment of SpringBoot + gradle Leave an environment construction memo for yourself.

★ Environment

★ Download Eclipse

Originally I used Eclipse, but since the version was 3.7 and it was for PHP, I put the latest version for java.

http://mergedoc.osdn.jp Download the Windows 64bit Standard Edition java from the above.

★ Add plugin

Spring Tools 3 Add-On (aka Spring Tools Suite3)

  1. Select [Help (H)] ⇒ [Eclipse Marketplace (M) ...]
  2. Eclipse Marketplace: Enter [STS] in [Search] on the [Search] tab.
  3. Eclipse Marketplace: Press the [Install] button of [Spring Tools 3 Add-On (aka Spring Tools Suite3) 3.9.7.RELEASE]
  4. Confirm selected features: All should be checked by default, so click the [Confirm] button.
  5. License Review: Check [I accept the terms of the Terms of Use (A)] and click the [Finish (F)] button.
  6. Security warning: A pop-up will appear. Click the [Install] button.
  7. Do you trust these certificates? : Click the [Select All (S)] button and click [Accept Selection (A)].
  8. Software update: Click the [Restart Now] button to restart Eclipse.

Minimalist Gradle Editor

Briefly what overlaps with STS.

  1. Eclipse Marketplace: Enter [gradle] in [Search (I)] on the [Search] tab.
  2. Eclipse Marketplace: Press the [Install] button in [Minimalist Gradle Editor 1.0.1]
  3. Push it in the same way as STS. Reboot

Buildship Gradle Integration

  1. Eclipse Marketplace: Enter [gradle] in [Search (I)] on the [Search] tab.
  2. I tried to install [Buildship Gradle Integration 3.0] ... but it was already [Installed], so I didn't do anything.

★ Project creation

Let's create a project! ** I was really into this. ** **

  1. [File (F)] ⇒ [New (N)] ⇒ [Other]
  2. Select the wizard: [Spring Boot] ⇒ Select [Spring Starter Project] and click the [Next] button.
  3. New Spring Starter Project: Leave default for Service URL Name and select Gradle (Buildship 3.x) for Type: ...


** I'm getting some error message. ** ** I'm an engineer who can't read English, so I'm in trouble. .. However, I somehow found that Buildship was not installed properly. It was already installed.

After that, I couldn't update from the available updates, enabled or disabled it on the available software site, and tried various things, but the problem was not solved. I tried it for about an hour.

As a result, it is solved by the following method.

  1. Select [Help (H)] ⇒ [Eclipse Marketplace (M) ...]
  2. Eclipse Marketplace: Press the Installed tab
  3. Eclipse Marketplace: Press the [Update] button of [Buildship Gradle Integration 3.0]

★ Project creation (re)

★ If you try steps 1 to 3 of project creation ...


** I got it! ** **

  1. Add [Group] and [Package] to the list and click the [Next] button.
  2. New Spring Starter Project: Check [Web] ⇒ [Web] and click the [Next] button.
  3. New Spring Starter Project: Keep the default and press the [Finish (F)] button.

The project is now successfully created. The actual operation will be described in the next article.

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