I want to sort by tab delimited by ruby

Note that the tab-delimited text was sorted to make it easier to see.

First, the underlying tab-delimited text

profile.txt #LR utf-8 
john	m	19
micheal	m	28
abbie	f	31
dabid	m	17
claire	f	26

From the left, "Name, Gender, Year" are tab-delimited. I would like to sort them by name.

First, check how the text itself is output.

 File.open("meibo.txt") do |text|
   text.each_line do |line|
    p line

When you expand the file with

$ ruby example.rb

Since it is expressed as, make an array of each line excluding tab space and line feed code Sort and output as standard.

Rough flow

  1. Open the file and make it readable
  2. Sort by name
  3. Standard output

1. Open the file and load it

Put each row in the array once, like [name, gender, age].

profile = []

 File.open("profile.txt") do |text|
   text.each_line do |line|
    profile << line.chomp.split("\t")

By .chomp and tab-separated to remove \ n at the end of each line, by .split ("\ t")

$ ruby example.rb
[["john", "m", "19"],
["micheal", "m", "28"],
["abbie", "f", "31"],
["dabid", "m", "17"],
["claire", "f", "26"]]

The array profile was neatly[name, gender, age]and only the necessary data was obtained.

2. Sort by name

Since ruby has a sort_by method, use this method to sort by name.

 profile_sort =  profile.sort_by{|man| man[0]}
pp profile_sort

The output result is

$ ruby example.rb
[["abbie", "f", "31"],
["claire", "f", "26"],
["dabid", "m", "17"],
["john", "m", "19"],
["micheal", "m", "28"]]

And it was safely sorted in order of name.

3. Standard output

When you reach this point, output the sorted array, redirect it, and sort it.

 profile_sort.each do |text|
  puts text.join("\t")

Concatenate the strings of the array by connecting them with \ t. It will be tab-delimited when output with puts. Also, puts will output with a line break, so bother withputs text.join ("\ t") + "\ n" You don't have to write a line feed code.

Do this and the output will be

$ ruby example.rb
abbie	f	31
claire	f	26
dabid	m	17
john	m	19
micheal	m	28

Yes, you have successfully sorted the tab-delimited files.

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