[JAVA] How to run the SpringBoot app as a service


  1. Creating a Fully Executable Jar
  2. Creating a conf file
  3. Service registration

1. Creating a Fully Executable Jar

If you make a Jar in the form of Fully Executable Jar, a script will be added to the beginning of the Jar and output. This script can be used as it is as a script for starting the service.

To create it, make the contents of the <build> tag in pom.xml as follows.



<executable> true </ executable> is the key

2. Creating a conf file

Create a file with the same name as the Jar file to be executed but with the extension changed to .conf. The contents are the definition of environment variables, options to be passed to java, and runtime arguments to be passed to jar.

Environment variables are usually ╩╗export`

export LANG="ja_JP.UTF8"

java option is JAVA_OPTS

JAVA_OPTS="-Xms1024M -Xmx1024M"

The run-time argument is RUN_ARGS


Service registration

For systemd such as CentOS7, it is OK if you create a service file in / etc / systemd / system /


Description = <Service description>

ExecStart = /home/application/hoge.jar
Restart = always
Type = simple
User = application
Group = application
SuccessExitStatus = 143

WantedBy = multi-user.target

with this

$ sudo systemctl start hoge

Can do something

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