[RUBY] How to add columns to a table

This time, we will describe the migrate file and add it.

Edit migrate file

First, edit the migrate file by referring to README.md.


##items table

| Column            | Type       | Options           |
| ----------------- | ---------- | ----------------- |
| name              | string     | null: false       |
| explanation       | text       | null: false       |
| category_id       | integer    | null: false       |
| state_id          | integer    | null: false       |
| delivery_price_id | integer    | null: false       |
| prefectures_id    | integer    | null: false       |
| delivery_time_id  | integer    | null: false       |
| price             | integer    | null: false       |
| user              | references | foreign_key: true |

### Association

- belongs_to :user
- has_one :purchase


class CreateItems < ActiveRecord::Migration[6.0]
  def change
    create_table :items do |t|
      t.string :name,                   null: false
      t.text :explanation,              null: false
      t.integer :category_id,           null: false
      t.integer :state_id,              null: false
      t.integer :delivery_price_id,     null: false
      t.integer :prefectures_id,        null: false
      t.integer :delivery_time_id,      null: false
      t.integer :price,                 null: false
      t.references :user,               foreign_key: true
      t.timestamps                      null: false

Rails db: rollback Run rails db: migrate

After finishing the description, execute the following two points

% rails db:rollback 
% rails db:migrate         

Finally Check the table 60cd92386af9d46922673f58e4fc6d2d.png

This completes adding the table!

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