[JAVA] Preparation for Android development of POCOPHONE f1


I want to develop something on Android. ARcore looks interesting. So, I bought POCOPHONE f1. Even though it costs 30,000 yen, it has super high specs. (Specifications are explained in here.) Even if I searched the net, it seemed that there were few articles in Japanese, so I will write it.

Developer mode

POCOPHONE f1 was able to switch to developer mode in the same way as a smartphone from the same Xiaomi. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Tap Settings → Device info → MIUI version (For POCO) 5-8 times. S__2367927.jpg

  2. If "Developer options" appears in Settings → Other settings, you are done. S__2367926.jpg

It's easy.

USB driver installation

For Windows 10

  1. Open Device Manager, right-click POCOPHONE F1 in Portable Devices and select Update Driver. 無題_0.png

  2. Browse to your computer and select Find Driver Software.

    1. After that, you can install it in the flow.

For macOS

It may not be accurate because it is done only on Windows, Search for "POCOPHONE f1 adb" and you will find the driver. (You need to choose for Xiaomi) Among them, there is a driver for macOS, so you may be able to select and install it. .. .. ?? (I installed it here. At my own risk.)

Once the driver has been installed, a dialog will appear asking if you want to allow USB debugging on your device, so please allow it.

Optional settings for developers

Set "USB debugging" and "Install via USB" in the developer options to true. Here, a SIM card is required to set "Install via USB" to true. It was said that POCO would not pick up the au line, but it seems that anything is fine as long as it is stuck. It seems that it cannot be true at present without SIM. (I saw that if you drop the version of android, there is a one-chan?)

This probably concludes the settings required for development. (Excluding Android Studio etc.)

in conclusion

In the sample code, I built hello_ar_java and tried it. I intended to touch Android only with Java, but I wonder if ARcore is also Unity ... 86.jpg

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